Fire Code Administrator 

2770 Ethical and legal issues for the fire service

This course introduces the federal, state, and local laws that regulate emergency services, national standards influencing emergency services, standard of care, tort, liability, and a review of relevant court cases.

 Required Textbook

Varone, J. C. (2014). Legal considerations for fire & emergency services (3rd ed.). Tulsa, OK: PennWell Corporation.

3533 Community Risk Reduction

This is an executive level course, introducing the student to the concepts and process of fire and risk reduction within a community. The course will prepare the student to study the community, assess community risks, develop supporting networks, develop strategies for intervention, action plans, and perform risk reduction program evaluation.

3780 Analytical Approaches To Public Fire Protection

This course examines the tools and techniques of rational decision-making in fire and emergency services agencies, including data collection, statistics, probability, decision analysis, utility modeling, resource allocation, and cost- benefit analysis.

 Required Textbook

NFPA. (2008). Fire Protection Handbook (2oth ed.). National Fire Protection Association.

3785 Chief Officer

This course will present the principles of management theory and its application to the fire service. The course will cover topics such as communications, professional development, community and intergovernmental relations, human resources, legal issues, strategic planning, public education, budget and financial issues, and emergency management.

 Required Textbook

Purchase, D. J. (2017). Chief officer: Principles and practice (2nd ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.

4045 Personnel Management For The Fire And Emergency Services

This course examines relationships and issues in personnel administration and human resource development within the context of fire-related organizations, including personnel management, organizational development, productivity, recruitment and selection, performance management systems, discipline, and collective bargaining.

 Required Textbook

Berman, E. M. (2016). Human resource management in public service: Paradoxes, processes, and problems (5th ed.). Los Angeles, CA: SAGE.

4585 Fire Prevention Organization Management

This course examines the legal aspects of the fire service and the political and social impacts of legal issues. This course includes a review of the American legal system and in-depth coverage of legal and political issues involving employment and personnel matters, administrative and operational matters, planning and code enforcement, and legislative and political processes with regard to the fire service, meeting the JPRs of NFPA 1037.

 Required Textbook

Carter, H. R., & Rausch, E. (2017). Management in the fire service (5th ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.