Fire Officer Series III 

2770 Ethical And Legal Issues For The Fire Service

This course introduces the federal, state, and local laws that regulate emergency services, national standards influencing emergency services, standard of care, tort, liability, and a review of relevant court cases.

Varone, J. C. (2014). Legal considerations for fire & emergency services (3rd ed.). Tulsa, OK: PennWell Corporation.

3780 Analytical Approaches To Public Fire Protection

This course examines the tools and techniques of rational decision-making in fire and emergency services agencies, including data collection, statistics, probability, decision analysis, utility modeling, resource allocation, and cost- benefit analysis.

All Course Material Provided

9516 / 3785 Chief Officer

This course will present the principles of management theory and its application to the fire service. The course will cover topics such as communications, professional development, community and intergovernmental relations, human resources, legal issues, strategic planning, public education, budget and financial issues, and emergency management.

Purchase, D. J. (2017). Chief officer: Principles and practice (2nd ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.

NFA (0467) ICS-400 Advanced Ics For Command & General Staff

This course builds upon information covered in the ICS-100, ICS-200, and ICS-300 courses and explains the roles and responsibilities of local, county, state, and federal agencies involved in managing an expanding incident. Enhance your command and decision-making skills by participating in group activities that introduce the use of an Incident Complex and Area Command, and the interactions between Multi- Agency Coordination (MAC) entities.

All course materials provided